Verket er del av utstillingen A Dream Within A Dream, QB 2020

Hanne Friis (b. 1972, Oslo) is educated from the Art Academy in Trondheim. Friis creates tactile sculptures of carefully hand dyed textiles with pigments from natural materials such as lichen, mushrooms, acorns and other plants. This process, while time-consuming, imbues the fabric with soft, almost otherworldly yet, fundamentally organic colours. The fabrics are elaborately sewn together by hand, often to the point where one wonders what one is confronted with. Her work gives the impression of uncontrollable growth, of burgeoning, swelling, multiplying masses. Her works are abstract yet bodily, beautiful yet unsettling. She is interested in the body’s vulnerability and human mortality, but also the power and fierceness of life. Friis’ work is included in the collection of The Norwegian Government, KORO, KODE Art Museum, Bergen, The National Museum, Oslo, The Museum of Decorative Arts, Trondheim, The Art Museum of Northern Norway and The Arts Council, Norway as well as numerous private collections nationally and abroad. Friis work will be shown by Maria Wettergren Gallery at Tefaf, The European Fine Art Fair, Maastricht 2020. Currently her work is exhibited in TAMAT/ the Museum of Fine Arts in Tournai, Belgium.