Verk av Lars Morell

Vises under Enter Art Fair i København, Danmark.


Lars Morell (b. 1980, NO) lives and works in Oslo.

Over the past few years, Lars Morell has created a complex and diverse body of work consisting of photographs, sculptures, and installations. Morell’s work has always encompassed and questioned the visible/invisible and what seems to be something that it is not. In numerous exhibitions nationally and internationally this iconography has been thoroughly developed, and in his recent works distorted shapes, which now “grow” over the canvas, are constructed from imagery in his previous works – paintings, sculptures and drawings. We see colored constructs that at first glance are reminiscent of branching root systems; we recognize the outlines of chains and hooks – and thus again objects that are used in illusion and deception. Morell develops these works out of figuration and sees them as distorted still lives, as a dilemma between abstraction and representational painting.

Educated at the Oslo National Academy of Fine Arts, recent exhibitions include: QB Gallery, Oslo, NO; Stephane Simoens, Knokke, BE; Museum of Contemporary Art, Antwerp, BE; Cinnamon, NL; Choi & Lager, Cologne, DE; ISPC, New York, US; Nationalmuseum, Berlin, DE; Kant Copenhagen, DK; Palais de Tokyo, FR.