The work was part of a solo presentation with the gallery at Enter Art Fair, Copenhagen 2019.

The series Window Sealed Shut show run-down buildings that are sealed away from the public. Tallerås is fascinated by the semiotics that are present in the streets, the signs and languages we use to navigate the city. How for example a fence is a sign that tells us that we are not allowed to enter, rather than actually being a physical obstacle that keeps us out. The same goes for the shutters in the images of Window Sealed Shut. They are preventing people from entering, but could easily be kicked in or unscrewed with a simple screwdriver. In the works, the frames are specifically made to mirror the shapes of the plates covering these possible entrances. The frames are made of material found in the city, for instance a roof being refurbished, an old euro pallet or a broken bench, pointing back to pieces of former function in the urban landscape. The combination of materials used to make the frames and the shape of the images dislocate the works—being both a photograph and a sculptural object at the same time. 

Jon Benjamin Tallerås (b. 1984, Oslo) investigates the relationship between the individual and the urban environment. His work questions ownership through exploring different ways of navigating, seeing and exploring the ever-changing landscape of the city. In his works, Tallerås performs social readings of the city—questioning what is private versus what is public domain. Tallerås’ interpretations of the changing urban language can be applied to many rapidly growing cities in Europe and the world.

Tallerås has exhibited his work in institutions such as The Munch Museum’s Munchmuseet on the Move, Kunsthall Oslo, Kunstnernes Hus, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Norway, the Liaf Biennale and Contemporary Art Museum Estonia.