Linda Lerseth



Linda Lerseth (b. 1984, Trondheim) is educated at the Oslo Academy of Fine Art. Her work consists of sculptures, reliefs, tapestries and installations in a wide range of materials, spanning from concrete, epoxy and steel to ceramics and fabrics mixed with numerous other found objects that she molds and connects in a collage-like manner. In her work Lerseth experiments with chance and how one or multiple objects react to a material or a process, her working methods are both casual and completely focused. Lerseth’s work, with its very raw and strangely connected elements, can point to the ephemeral quality of what we surround us with. Her works can be sentimental for the viewer, looking at the deterioration or idolization of a lost objects from the past, being it a favourite snack or a pillow from Ikea. Lerseth’s work is visually both striking and uncanny, delivering a potpourri of meaning and new connections for the viewer to interpret. Selected solo shows  include Podium, Oslo (2020), Louise Dany, Oslo (2020), Salongen, Oslo (2019), Elephant Kunsthall, Lillehammer (2018), Fluxive Fringe, QB Gallery (2017) and Noplace, Oslo (2016). Selected group exhibitions include Aiai, Saksumdal Tempel (2021), Hvitsten salong (2020), Fat relic, London (2015), Spcae 4235, Genève (2015) and Munchs Atelier, Oslo (2015). Upcoming exhibitions include the opening exhibition of the National Museum, Oslo (2022).