Verket er del av utstillingen Folds of the Present, QB 2019

Marianne Brekke (b. 1965) was educated at the Art Academy in Bergen. As a painter Brekke works with colors to investigate and describe light. She is influenced by the modernist use of complementary colours and works with layer upon layer to create the final result. Every work is based on light at a time of day or night, and is a new frequency of light, colour and form. Her works have previously been shown at Folds of the present, QB Gallery, Oslo (2019),  Pink QB Gallery, Oslo (2018), Bærum Kunsthall (2017), House of Foundation, Moss (2015), LNM, Oslo (2010, 2005). Brekke has worked on numerous commissioned site-specific works, the most recent being in Huddinge,Stockholm (2019).