Pantai Rahasia #2 er stilt ut på utstillingen VOLCANO, QB Gallery 2016. 

Magnus Vatvedt har de siste fire årene samlet med seg sand fra ulike strender i Europa, Amerika og Asia. Pantai Rahasia er laget med vulkans sand fra Bali, Indonesia. Maleriene er utført ved å påføre lerretet lim i ekspressive strøk som først kommer til syne for kunstneren etter han har strødd sanden over bildet og latt det tørke over natten. Slik blir bildene som fotspor på stranden.

«Evolution is not sexy, science is a poetry killer, but any brilliant art work is in some way scientific, and has evolved through mountains of doctrines until there is only form built up from tiny elements. Magnus Vatvedt is not touching the void, nor is he speaking some unintelligibly truth. He combines matter in the most existential way, by siding with perseverance and presence. He brings his own comfort onto the canvas. When the glue hits the grain hits the canvas in a swift swirl or a sudden swoosh life is regenerated, thought of anew, and you are invited into an experience only one who has been there can finalize with finesse. He could have taken a snapshot of the grain with a high resolution camera, painted or drawn the grain using a tiny pen or brush. He could have written about the gritty items traveling through his hand, burning his feet, triggering his imagination in combination with the tropic wind. Instead he chooses the altered readymade, because shaping sand is more basic than any ancient or post-modern method of representation.» - VOLCANO, QB Gallery 2016